My portfolio includes examples of some of the projects I've worked on, organised by year with the most recent projects first.

Please note: All examples of my work are archived on scribd.com or are available on client web sites. Please let me know if you experience any broken links by using the CONTACT ME tab in the toolbar.


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Sappi Limited

January 2016

I continue to do ad hoc work for Sappi Limited, which has been a client since I established my consultancy in 2002.

The most recent work completed was the documentation related to Sappi South Africa's entry into the international Gold Quill Awards, an initiative of the International Association of Business Communicators. The entry related to Sappi's sponsorship of and participation in the 2015 Innibos National Arts Festival.


Efficient Group

September - October 2015

In 2015, the Efficient Group, an integrated JSE-listed financial services group, took the decision to outsource the writing of its annual integrated report. I wrote, edited and proofread the group's 2015 integrated report, which can be accessed here.

Johannesburg SPCA


During the course of 2015, I developed a wide range of communications for the Johannesburg SPCA, including a bequests brochure and leaflet, an adoptions brochure and leaflet, an education and outreach leaflet, a fireworks leaflet , a rabies leaflet and a vaccinations leaflet, amongst many others. These can be viewed on the JSPCA web site.

PR Powerhouse


I continue to develop a wide range of different content for PR Powerhouse, a boutique public relations and communications agency based in Johannesburg. Work I did for the agency during 2015 included media releases, features, thought leadership articles, op-ed features, corporate profiles and various other marketing and promotional communications. I am the outsourced writer for the agency and handle all of its writing and editing requirements.

The agency's clients include Foshizi Mass Market Research, Novo Nordisk, Maersk, Sasria, the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) and the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI).



Metrofile, a leading records and information management company operating throughout South Africa, is an established client. During the course of the year, work that I did for the group included writing video copy and web copy, as well as writing up case studies.

Genesis Analytics


Genesis Analytics, an economics consultancy working in the developing economies of Africa, the Middle East and India is also a well-established client. I continue to write and/or edit web copy, executive profiles, economics reports and case studies for the firm.

Genesis Analytics has offices in Johannesburg, Nairobi, Dubai and Delhi.



Rand Water

November 2014 - February 2015

The largest project I worked on in 2014 was a 200-page history of Rand Water, dating from the establishment of the first mining camp in what was to become Johannesburg right through to the present day.

The project involved re-writing, editing and proofreading basic draft copy supplied by the client, as well as writing several sections, such as the introduction, from scratch. The history will be published in hardcover and electronic format, and will be used for a variety of different purposes.

Johannesburg SPCA


I was also privileged to have been commissioned to develop the content for the Johannesburg SPCA's suite of communications elements, including its leaflets and brochures.

The JSPCA is one of the oldest and largest animal welfare organisations in South Africa, and receives no government funding. It depends solely on donations, sponsorships and bequests to do its invaluable work.

In May 2015, I was commissioned to update all of the JSPCA's communications content to reflect new information.

WWF South Africa

June 2014 - October 2014

During the course of 2014, I edited a number of large reports for WWF South Africa. These included:
  • Shuffling Feet: Institutional Investor Attitudes to Climate Change Portfolio Risks;
  • Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement in South Africa;
  • Renewable Energy Vision 2030; and
  • The Greening of Social Housing.


Genesis Analytics / IdeaHub / ElloJo / PR Powerhouse

In 2013 on-going work for established clients such as Genesis Analytics, IdeaHub, ElloJo and PR Powerhouse included media releases, editorial features, thought leadership features, results announcements, holding statements, executive speeches, web copy, brochure copy, case studies, management biographies, expert profiles etc.

Examples include a media release entitled e-Mobilising the nation, commissioned for the Technology Innovation Agency by PR Powerhouse, and a thought leadership feature entitled Working smart in CSI, commissioned for the Transnet Foundation by IdeaHub.
Also commissioned by IdeaHub was an executive speech for the CEO of BankSETA. This was delivered at the graduation ceremony of the BankSETA-funded Letsema Learnership Programme.
"At BANKSETA, we are acutely aware of how important education, training and skills transfer is to long-term success, both at an individual and socio-economic level. More than that, we understand that workplace experience is vital if candidates are to be able to build productive careers in today’s tough economic climate." 

QUAD (London)

January 2013 - December 2013
During 2013, I did a number of travel features for the freelance agency QUAD in London. These included a feature entitled Discover magic Vietnam for the Hayes and Jarvis web site and Your passport to a lifetime of memories for the Disneyland Paris web site.

Arcay Corporate Communications

April 2013 - August 2013
Further project-based work included several media releases and OpEd features for Arcay Corporate Communications (Pty) Ltd. These included an OpEd feature entitled What Obama's visit means to Africa, commissioned for the CEO of GE Africa by the agency.
President Barack Obama visits the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation during his 2013 visit to South Africa (The Guardian)  

Johannesburg SPCA

October 2013 - December 2013
In 2013, I welcomed the JSPCA (previously a regular client) back into my portfolio of clients. During the last quarter of the year, I developed the copy for the new Johannesburg SPCA web site, as well as for a number of brochures and a fundraising appeal. Note that the client updates the home page and interviews with staff on the web site on an ad-hoc basis.

Brand Leadership

October 2013 - December 2013

In the last quarter of 2013, I was commissioned to produce corporate communications and crisis communications policy for the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) by Brand Leadership (Pty) Ltd. Policy work is not in the public domain, so I'm unable to post examples here.



Genesis Analytics

Genesis Analytics, a specialist economics consultancy operating throughout Africa, the Middle East and India, regularly contracts me to develop various types of communications content for the firm, as well as to edit corporate reports for large financial services clients.
Amongst other work done for Genesis, I've written up or edited case studies, expert profiles, board facilitation papers, banking briefs, country practice profiles and fact sheets. One of the larger projects undertaken for this client in 2012 was the development of the content for the firm's new web site.

PR Powerhouse

I have been developing media releases and web content for PR Powerhouse since it was established in 2011. This has included work for Novo Nordisk, Novartis, Maersk, Afcon and the Bongi Ngema-Zuma Foundation.

Examples include an editorial feature entitled Four out of five people with diabetes experience hypoglycaemia, which was commissioned for Novo Nordisk by the agency.

Crazy Grape Media

November 2012 - December 2012
In late 2012, I was contracted by Crazy Grape Media to develop two detailed corporate features for an upcoming book on business sustainability. These included a feature entitled Unilever's bold journey towards sustainability. The book, which features South Africa's top corporations, is due to be published by the Gordon Institute of Business Science in 2014.


October 2012
In October, I was contracted by Ince to develop web site copy for the Vhukoni Incentive Programme, a bursary and support services initiative funded by TOSACO, a broad-based black economic empowerment consortium, and Calulo Investments, a pan-African investment house. The web site is still under construction and is not yet available online. 

Vuma Reputation Management

August 2012 - November 2012
In mid-2012 I undertook several projects for Vuma Reputation Management. These included the handling of project management on several key accounts, the development of crisis communications strategy and the development of crisis communications content. 


June 2012
In June, I developed an executive presentation called The Story of Paper for Mondi Limited. This was aimed at junior high school learners, and was great fun to work on.

African Business Database Limited

June 2011 - February 2012
In June 2011, I was contracted by African Business Database Limited to develop comprehensive 50-page profiles for each of Nigeria's 36 states, as well as for the capital of Abuja. These were to be used to promote the country in its embassies and consulates, to foreign governments, at trade fairs, to the global tourism industry and to a range of foreign investors.
Regretfully, due to the social and political unrest that developed in Nigeria during the 2011 festive season, the project was cancelled after only twelve profiles had been completed.



PR Powerhouse


Examples of work commissioned by PR Powerhouse in 2011include an editorial entitled Managing diabetes is about more than just medicine, which was commissioned for Novo Nordisk, and The argument for a more muscular internal audit function, commissioned for auditing firm SekelaXabiso.  

Road Accident Fund

January 2011 to November 2011

Throughout 2011, I edited and paginated the Road Accident Fund's internal newsletter, The Road Ahead. The newsletters are 56-page publications, and cover a wide range of subjects. They are distributed to staff, government and key stakeholders quarterly.

Sappi: The Paper Story

September 2010 to June 2011

From September 2010, I worked on developing a history of paper called The Paper Story for Sappi Paper and Paper Packaging. This involved researching, compiling and paginating a 72-page booklet, as well as developing the creative brief for the design.

Sappi: The Katerva Challenge

September 2010 to June 2011

In October, I developed Sappi's entry for the Katerva Challenge. Katerva is a global sustainability initiative, which acts as a catalyst for the development of solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems. The client requested that the entry be made using a social media platform rather than in document format, and I wrote and compiled the submission. Unfortunately, the platform on which it was developed, Xtranormal, has since closed, so the video is no longer available for viewing.

Sappi: 'i choose paper' Campaign

February 2010 to December 2010

'i choose paper' was Sappi's first consumer campaign, and was specifically designed to inform consumers of the benefits of using fully-sustainable paper packaging in preference to other non-sustainable and environmentally-damaging options.

I'm proud to have developed the strategy for this campaign and to have conceptualised and developed all of the communications elements with the stirling input of my design associate, Cilmi Steyn of Steyn Photo&Graphic, and the able assistance of web designer Mark of Bellboy Media. See www.ichoosepaper.com for more.


January 2010 to December 2010

Throughout 2010, I was contracted by the C-Squared PR agency to write media releases, annual report content, conference material and executive speeches for Sasria, South Africa's only special risks insurer.

These included, amongst others, features examining the potential terrorist threat during the 2010 FIFA World Cup and commentary on the effects of the Public Service strike that followed. I was also contracted to develop media content for the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MPTA).


October 2010

In October, FirstRand contracted me to write up a business case for an expansion into a new country, based on original information and documentation supplied by the client.

Gillian Gamsay International

September 2010 to October 2010

In September and October, I was contracted by Gillian Gamsy International to develop all of the media content for the international Diabetes Leadership Forum Africa, which was held in preparation for the UN World Diabetes Forum planned for 2011. I was also contracted to edit the conference report.

Sappi Re-Fibre

August 2010 to September 2010

In August and September, I was contracted to conceptualise and develop a web site for the newly-relaunched Sappi ReFibre division. Mark of Bellboy Media did the build. See www.sappirefibre.com for more.


July 2010 to August 2010

An unexpected and welcome addition to the client portfolio in 2010 was SABIA, the South Africa Bridal Industry Academy. In July and August, I was contracted to develop marketing and media communications for both the academy and its annual Brides' Choice Awards. Media features I conceptualised and developed included, amongst others, double-page special features on the Brides' Choice Awards for Sunday Times, City Press, Rapport and You magazine.

Business Partners

April 2010 to June 2010

From April through June, I was contracted to write the 2010 Business Partners Annual Report (PDF 2.7MB).

I had been writing the annual report and other media content for Business Partners since I was the company's Group Marketing Manager in 2002. At that time, I developed the strategy for the re-launch of the Business Partners brand and conceptualised and implemented the company's new branding. The design for the 2010 annual report was developed by Business Partners' ad agency at the time.


May 2010

In May, I was contracted to do an extensive re-write of the FinBond 2010 Annual Report, based on an initial draft developed by the client.


April 2010

In April, I was sub-contracted to write up the 2010 marketing strategy for THRIP (the national government's Technology and Human Resources in Industry Programme), based on an initial outline developed by the client.


Business Partners

As I had done since 2002, I wrote the 2009 Business Partners Annual Report.
Click through here to view the report in PDF format (2.6MG): 2009 Business Partners Annual Report.

National Treasury and others

Demand for freelance writing and editing was high in 2009, and some of the projects I worked on, either as a writer/editor or a contributing writer/editor, included:
  • The Estimates of Expenditure for the 2009 National Budget (one of four contributing editors)
  • Media releases and editorials for such companies and institutions as Network Alliance, Bonitas, FeverTreeConsulting, GijimaAst, Grindrod Bank, the National Empowerment Fund (NEF), Monitoring SA (MS), the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), and TechnoServe (writer)
  • Content for the annual reports of the National Empowerment Fund, SITA (State Information and Technology Agency) and The Freedom Park, as well as for the five-year report of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) (contributing writer)
  • The documentation of a number of short case studies for Genesis Analytics (writer/editor)
  • A number of expert biographies for Genesis Analytics (writer/editor)
  • New web site copy for Genesis Analytics (writer/editor)

Sappi Kraft

In line with previous strategies developed for Sappi Kraft, I developed a new marketing and communications strategy for the division's entire coated products range.


Wiphold Corporate Profile

This annual corporate profile for Women's Investment Portfolio Holdings (Wiphold) appeared in the Mail and Guardian of 28 November 2008.

Working as a ghostwriter, I researched and wrote the content for this supplement, which focuses on the new investment models being developed and implemented by this unique group.

To read the copy in MS Word format, click through to Wiphold Corporate Profile.

African Bank 2008 HIV/Aids Report

At the beginning of November 2008, I finished writing the African Bank 2008 HIV/Aids Report, which gives details of the bank's involvement in the fight against HIV/Aids in South Africa.

I conceptualised the layout, and did the writing, editing and proofreading for this project.

To read the copy in MS Word format, please click through to African Bank 2008 HIV/Aids Report.

Push Print Meda Features

Throughout the year, I wrote one or two lead articles every month for Avusa Media's online newsletter, PushPrint.

Unfortunately, these features are no longer available online, but two examples include: How important is ethical consumerism really? and Social networking in the marketing mix. Further examples or screen grabs in HTML format are available on request.

Business Partners Annual Report

As I've done since 2002, I wrote the Business Partners Annual Report this year. Click through here to view the report in PDF format (2.5MG).

Mail and Guardian Special Features

Two special features that I developed appeared in the Mail and Guardian in 2008.

The first was a feature on Arbor Week, which appeared in the 'Greening the Future' supplement in September. To read the copy in MS Word format, click through to Arbor Week Feature.

The second was a feature on PhytoTrade Africa, which appeared in a supplement on the expo in October. To read the copy in MS Word format, click through to PhytoTrade Africa Feature.

PG BISON Advertising and Advertorial Campaign

A new ad and advertorial campaign developed for PG Bison was launched in July 2008

The first three features in this series, a corporate DPS, and one each for office and kitchen products, appeared in publications such as Designing Ways, Design, KBB (Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms) and Wood SA.

I developed the concept for this campaign, and the design was based on previous work done by Pump Advertising. The design, layout and typesetting was done by my design associate, Cilmi Steyn of CM Steyn Photo&Graphic, and I developed the copy, as well as fulfilling the role of project manager on the project.

If you would like to see JPEGS of any of this material, please don't hesitate to be in touch with me.

Prior to 2008

These are just a few examples of work done prior to 2008:

Corporate and Marketing Communications

  • Business Partners Limited: 2007 Annual Report (PDF 2.5MG)
  • Sappi Limited: JSE Profile (2007) (MS Word) 
  • Business Partners Limted: Tourism Fund Brochure - This is one of a suite of new brochures that I conceptualised, developed and wrote for Business Partners (2006) (PDF)
  • Business Partners Limited: Empowerment Fund Brochure - Another example from the same suite as the Tourism Fund Brochure (2006) (PDF)
  • Furman Glass: Corporate Brochure - One element produced as part of a complete corporate re-branding project (2004) (PDF)
  • Furman Glass: Decor Poster - Another element in the re-branding campaign (2004) (PDF)

Media Communications

Absa - Living the Good Life Feature: A Fresh Take on Fresh
If you would like to read the text of this feature in MS Word, click through to DJ Fresh Feature.