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Communications in a debranded future

"The debranding trend flies in the face of branding orthodoxy, but raises important questions about how best to communicate with audiences of choice.

Channels and elements are always evolving, but one constant remains vital: the authenticity of the message. Increasingly sophisticated audiences in a cluttered communications environment are highly discerning about the nature and tone of messaging. Now, more than ever, how you say something is as important as what you say. The carefully crafted message is becoming much more important than the bells and whistles of the past."

By Lee Cahill (published on LinkedIn). Read the full article here.

Hotwire Communications Trends 2016

"This year we will also see brands being forced to relinquish their tight control over their content. There will be a growing willingness to hand over distribution to third parties, as campaigns live and breathe on the channels they’re designed for and we begin to see the end of clumsy calls to action or forced visits to external websites. Brands will then go a step further, focusing far less on selling a product or service, and instead connecting with audiences through experiences that bring real benefit to them."

Download the full Hotwire Trends Report 2016 from the Hotwire web site.

Four Communications Trends

According to CEO of the predictive platform SimpleRelevance, Erik Severinghaus, many companies fail to optimise messages in pivotal ways that would help them reach customers.

"To break through, your business will need to produce great quality content. Whether you put great content on your business site, a personal outlet such as LinkedIn, or a larger platform, doing at least one of those will continue to be important.

"You can leverage resources to develop great content for your business. Or have a member of your leadership team do it. But however you produce it, make sure it's content that delivers real reader value."

Regretfully, the Inc. article from which this quotation is taken is no longer available online.

Why good copy matters

BizCommunity: "Whether we're researching purchases on the internet before we even decide which shopping mall we're going to go to, to the many boards of motivational quotes posted on Pinterest, the very nature of the internet demands written content, as more and more of us log and demand our daily doses of infotainment."

Regretfully, the article from which this quotation is taken is no longer available online.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the buzzword at the moment, as a fresh crop of studies demonstrate its growing importance in B2B marketing: B2B Decision-Makers Value In-Depth Content.