I specialise in policy and strategy development, writing, editing and content development for corporate, public sector and organisational clients.

The services I offer include:
  • policy and strategy development;
  • communications planning; and
  • corporate, marketing, media, social media, public, internal, stakeholder, corporate social investment (CSI) and mass communications.
More specifically, I develop policy and communications strategies and/or plans for a wide range of products and services; conceptualise, develop and implement communications campaigns; and develop communications content such as:
  • annual reports;
  • corporate reports, profiles and presentations;
  • business case studies;
  • media releases;
  • editorial, op-ed and thought leadership features;
  • branding campaigns;
  • launch and re-launch campaigns;
  • social media campaigns;
  • ads;
  • brochures;
  • posters;
  • information leaflets;
  • web sites and blogs;
  • internal newsletters;
  • client newsletters;
  • e-newsletters;
  • special promotions;
  • sponsorship support programmes; and
  • corporate social investment campaigns.
I also offer project management services, develop creative briefs, and write marketing, sponsorship and corporate social investment proposals

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